Our Ecosystem

We are one of the few enterprises who are committed to providing end-2-end business solutions for our customers in different industries. The key components of our ecosystem include:
Why Lilikoi?

Our Ecosystem Commitment

We remain committed to owning the entire ecosystem. The rationale of this business and technology strategy is:
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Strategic Acquisitions for Building our Ecosystem

Instead of building our own sensors / IoT devices, we will continue to acquire companies in the following domains:

Sensors / IoT Devices - Data Originators:


Sensors / IoT Devices - Data Originators:

The companies who have engineered proven sensors / hardware / firmware-based solutions for our initially targeted industries.

Wireless OEMs / Infrastructure - Data Transporters:


Wireless OEMs / Infrastructure - Data Transporters:

These companies are focused on designing and engineering wireless network edge devices, base stations, repeaters, and inter-site connectivity products and services.

Application Development - Data Users/Managers:

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Application Development - Data Users/Managers:

These companies build and deploy industry-specific AI-driven applications to meet targeted needs of the customers. These applications include design, development and delivery of the backend and frontend systems with highly intuitive dashboards for making responsive decisions and actions.

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